An annual April experiment in creating a Fake Journal~ FAKE: pretend, simulate; counterfeit; to alter.manipulate.
or treat as to impart a false character or appearance.

A fun exercise in pretending to be someone else, maybe in an alternate universe!

Saturday, April 4, 2015

Fake Journal 2015

5 inches high x 4 3/4 inches wide, 
on a page 8 1/4 inches high 
x 8 inches wide.
Collage from assorted papers:
scrapbook paper, magazine
clipping, geometry diagram,
vintage game card, collage
ephemera (hands) and vintage
music library card-catalog entry.

rendezvous with junk

Note about my character:  I am human. 
After all, if I were an inanimate 
object, or an animal, I wouldn't 
be able to hold a pen to draw,
 scissors for cutting,
 or be able glue stuff down. 

 This fake journal is about
 pretending to be another person~
what mediums I would use in 
that alternate reality,
a different style of working,
 different subjects that the
 character would be interested in.
 (rather than what I am interested in)
  It's a little hard to explain, 
and I think perhaps a bit
 impossible to completely 
remove all of my personal biases!
 I don't intend to go into a
 complicated fictional story.
 This is about the art.
And about having fun making it
in a limited time frame.

~Considered Truths~

◘  ◘  ◘

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  1. Golly. I feel like a fool, but at least now I know you are a real, albeit fake, person. Keep them coming. I hope I'm getting warmer, but I may never get it (grin). Hope you had a great Easter!