An annual April experiment in creating a Fake Journal~ FAKE: pretend, simulate; counterfeit; to alter.manipulate.
or treat as to impart a false character or appearance.

A fun exercise in pretending to be someone else, maybe in an alternate universe!

Tuesday, February 25, 2020

Challenge Yourself

Last year (2019) was the last year that 
Roz Stendahl hosted/organized the
Fake Journal project publicly.

I haven't decided if I will continue the
project on my own again for 2020.
Most likely not.
I may do another project instead.
Or I might revive the Fake Journal project
for myself at a later time.  But there won't
be any new posts here for quite
some time.

If you're interested in trying a Fake Journal,
follow the link in the side bar to Roz's
blogs. She has wonderful art, and a great
way of giving suggestions and ideas for
how to proceed.  It doesn't have to be
complicated. Don't make it hard. 
The simpler you make it, the more fun
and easier it will be to keep the project
going.  Thanks for stopping by,
and keep creating!

Monday, May 13, 2019

Wrap Up 2019

2019 Fake Journal Goals:
1. Draw, paint, collage on most days in April
2. Imagine myself as a gardener or landscape
3. Use random phrases and quotes about gardening
4. Draw what might be found in a garden 
5. use loose pages to draw on, 5"x7", to be bound after the project is completed
6. Complete each page in an hour or less

Quotes and statements about the Arts in general
applied quite well to the Art of Gardening.
(Quotes about visual art, home design,
and music, etc.)

"Everybody's brain works differently."
A quote from a National Public Radio broadcast,
about brain function, creativity and
problem solving. How your brain works and
what you think is beautiful will obviously
affect the garden you create...

also to be considered is your budget, and your
own ability to DIY.  Much of my inspiration
(and quotes) came from the BBC TV show

Left, a Downspout in the shape of a dragon/Gargoyle -
Right, sculpture for your garden a la Easter Island head!

'Big Dreams, Small Spaces' and 
quotes from the presenter,
Monty Don.

I felt it necessary to draw a child's wagon,
because it is one of the things I've used in
my own garden to display pots of 
flowers.  It finally got too rusty to hold
pots, and I mourn its loss! 

I figured that insects and wildlife are goals
that gardeners also seek for their 

Of course, a gardener should wear
a sun hat for protection.

Time spent doodling, and "on hold" went into
the journal, along with lovely painted 
papers gifted to me by my friend Diana.

Collage elements:  I find them fun, but then the 
values of the background impact how you draw
your subject and making sure there is 
enough contrast to see what is going on.  I think
perhaps the tulip drawing didn't work out to 'read'
as well as I like.  But you learn by trying new
things and this background was lovely! Maybe 
I could go back in with more paint around the
tulip blooms? hmmm....

Unorthodox is a good word for what my
'gardening character' was...

Left, a quote from Apartment Therapy, a home decorating website

Hardest thing: finding something 'garden-related'
that I could draw within the one-hour time frame
that I wanted to stay within. 

Another challenge:  finding things that were different
enough to keep things interesting. I didn't want 
an entire book of drawings of plants, though there
would be nothing wrong with that.

Surprise: not having an organized group of people 
doing the same project left me feeling
a bit lost.  Which seems odd because 
most years that I've participated,
that was not a part of the process. 

I'm not sure what next year holds,
but I'll still be journaling and drawing, 
whether it's a
"Fake Journal" character, or the 
real me! 

As Roz says:
"Your journal preferences may change
over's part of the 
discovery and adventure."

Thursday, May 2, 2019

Concealment and Revelation

With the end of April comes the time to
reveal my Fake Journal character for 2019.

I think several readers caught on quite
early!  My character was a Gardener/
Landscape Designer.  Many of the phrases
or quotes on my pages came from
Monty Don, the popular presenter of the
 gardening show "Big Dreams, Small Spaces."

'Revealment and concealment' was a phrase that
I heard on one of the episodes that featured
a Japanese style garden.  Winding paths and
plantings concealed what was around the next
  curve.  It provided an aspect of
anticipation and delightful surprise.

Fake Journal month is a little like that for me.
The project evolves and reveals itself slowly.
The text on the pages sometimes takes on
double meanings, which I find fun.

I plan to do a 2019 Wrap-Up post in 
the following days. (or maybe weeks)  
Letting a bit of time pass before final
reflection on the results can be helpful.

Thanks to the faithful few who have been
stopping by to visit!

"Life is short. Why live only one?"