An annual April experiment in creating a Fake Journal~ FAKE: pretend, simulate; counterfeit; to alter.manipulate.
or treat as to impart a false character or appearance.

A fun exercise in pretending to be someone else, maybe in an alternate universe!

Saturday, April 29, 2017

Drawing on an Envelope

Just one more day
left in April...

Details Matter.


  1. I simply adore these latest drawings. You have created a really RELEVANT, timely, and important topic to draw this year. I wish hundreds of people had seen it, and we could get a dialogue going about these people and what to do with them (in a humane way that doesn't involve jailing/imprisoning them).

  2. This is such a beautiful series, Dianne!

  3. Loved following your counterfeit journal this year Dianne! Your sketches are wonderful and your quotes are stirring.