An annual April experiment in creating a Fake Journal~ FAKE: pretend, simulate; counterfeit; to alter.manipulate.
or treat as to impart a false character or appearance.

A fun exercise in pretending to be someone else, maybe in an alternate universe!

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Pink and Purple


  1. Computer crashed. May be dead. Learning to post from Blogger on my phone...

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  3. Learning to post from Blogger App on my phone...I feel like a slow learner!

  4. Sorry to read about your computer. At least you have a phone backup. Mine is attached to the wall in my house and there are no apps for it (grin).

    Since all those toys have been invented and colored in the past, I have to rule out toy inventor or toy maker. I suppose I'm STILL trying to guess a bit, but you really have me stumped. Are you sure you aren't an antique dealer?

  5. OK - so female. And shift in place as the theme. So what was your man last year? An antique dealer? So maybe the female is his wife or daughter?