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A fun exercise in pretending to be someone else, maybe in an alternate universe!

Friday, May 2, 2014

CAKE DESIGNS: Fake Journal 2014 Reveal - Part 2

As a cake designer and event planner, I had these motifs in mind for a somewhat traditional tiered wedding cake.  The designs could be piped in white onto a white or pastel cake.  I think they would be stunning in black on a white cake!

An Earth Day design that could also be a great themed party for a child's Birthday!  Reading The Lorax by Dr. Seuss could be part of the entertainment. This could be an edible transfer for a sheet cake.  Wouldn't it be fun to make edible truffula trees by using cotton candy for the top of the tree and striped straws for the 'trunk?'  

Dr. Seuss books are also used often in the schools' "Right to Read" week.  I am not sure if it is a national promotion, but the schools in our area go 'all out' with themed decorations and activities in the elementary schools to promote reading and make it fun.  It generates a lot of excitement with the children.

I had children's birthday cakes in mind with these cute designs. There is a Hello Kitty shaped cake pan available, and probably themed party supplies too. Several cute little monsters could be combined on one cake.

For an Eagle Scout Court of Honor reception.  This could be an edible transfer on a sheet cake, or a talented decorator could pipe the icing in black on white.

My son actually had an edible transfer on his Eagle Scout cake. It was an eagle in flight that I had painted in watercolor.  If you request an edible transfer, be sure to ask the maximum dimensions that will fit on the transfer!  The tips of the wings were 'cut off' on the transfer on my son's cake because my illustration had been just a bit too big. So I took a toothpick and 'drew' with chocolate icing to extend the 'cut off' wings on the cake!

I love Beatrix Potter stories and art work!  This could be used for a Spring Celebration, Easter, a child's birthday cake, or Right to Read Week.

The X-box controller was designed as the top of a sheet cake for a boy or man's birthday cake.  I am sure the controller could be sculpted and decorated in 3-dimension, or an edible transfer could be made.  A simple dot icing border is included.

Happy Easter cake idea...or could possibly be adapted for a First Communion or Baptism, as the daffodil could represent  'New Life.'

Another table setting idea, for a wedding or bridal shower. I like drawing these...

Wedding 'design board' with color and texture ideas: burlap, lace, Burgundy rose, aqua mason jar, vintage key...

A huge hint as to my character's design needs: Basic butter cream icing motifs for decorating...Many master bakers use fondant as a way to sculpt elaborate decorations for cakes, but I love the taste and texture of the traditional frosting! Cupcake towers are extremely popular at the moment, and are being used instead of the traditional wedding cake.  Brides can pretty much do whatever they like in terms of reception food~ cake, pastries, cupcakes, fruit, even pie!

The dead give-away.  Cake decorators are asked to design for pretty much anything.  This is drawn from a photo in my old Betty Crocker cookbook, with recipe included. These would be lovely at a bridal or baby shower.

I tried to make petit fours once.  'Tried' being the operative word.  I was young and foolish. It was for someone's shower. What a huge amount of work!  I don't think I could be a cake decorator in real life. All those hours, just for someone to destroy your creation.  But, some folks love to do it. My Aunt Helen made cakes for everyone she knew, and they were always beautiful.

Remember the Barbie doll cakes where the doll stood up in the center, and the cake was the skirt? I had one of those that my Aunt Helen made.  She made circus cakes, wedding cakes with real fountains in them, gorgeous Christmas cookies that were too pretty to eat.  She brought a lot of joy to people and I miss her.

Stay tuned for my Fake Journal 2014 Wrap-Up...

Dedicated to my aunt, Helen (Bishop) Pinyerd



  1. I forgot to tell you that I found real fixative (Krylon brand) at the HHW swap and shop site one time. That was even cheaper (grin) than hair spray, and it allows you to continue making art over the top of the fixative. Of course, if I'd had to pay for it, it would not have been as cheap. I've found hairspray is hard to write over afterward. This was matte, but I suspect it comes in gloss, too. Of course, you get what you get at the HHW swap and shop.

    I'm not sure what pan pastels are like because I've never had chalk pastels. But these were bought for me by my friend Kathy last year or the year before. I learned really quickly you have to "fix" them because I accidentally smeared an image when I ran my fist over it. They sure blend nicely, though, and are a dream to use. Not hard like chalk, either, but a bit creamy, although chalky, too. I can't describe them. All I can say is they are VERY expensive (grin).

  2. Bleubeard and Elizabeth has left a new comment on your post "CAKE DESIGNS: Fake Journal 2014 Reveal - Part 2":

    Gosh it's hard playing catch up, but I'm loving the reveal. I had a friend in MO who made cakes and decorated them. She did it as a hobby, and her cakes were beyond beautiful. She never used fondant, either. That stuff is NASTY, IMHO.

    Still loving this fake journal, and still would NEVER have guessed it was a cake decorator's journal. You are SO clever.

    1. Thanks dear E! I copied and pasted your comment here in order to leave off the 'private' message you wrote at the end of your comment...hope things work out ok-your are a good friend!

  3. Had to hop over and look at this journal. Like your cake ideas a lot but now I want a piece of cake with my cuppa tea.


  4. I love these!! Lots of cake ideas for sure and we love Dr. Suess at our schools too.