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or treat as to impart a false character or appearance.

A fun exercise in pretending to be someone else, maybe in an alternate universe!

Thursday, May 1, 2014

CAKE DESIGNS: Fake Journal 2014 ~ Reveal, Part 1

If you figured out that my character designs cakes and plans special events, you got it!  Obviously...this design could be for April Fool's Day, but could also be adapted for a Las Vegas night by changing the lettering, adding some actual playing cards, and poker chips.

I admit it. This was supposed to throw you off a bit...but it's a fun way to play with color and plan color combinations. Interior designers do it all the time by making a design board.

This could be a design for several types of the top of a sheet cake.  Spring cake or even a Groom's cake- by adding some animals for a 'hunting' theme... I added the border design, as most cakes have some type of border around the base of the cake.

As I've never actually decorated cakes, I don't know all of the techniques that can be used, but I do know that there are edible transfers that can be made to put on the cake top. The customer chooses or supplies the art work, and it is like a color copy applied to the cake top. Also, I know that really talented designers can actually 'paint' with food coloring on a cake, or use an air nozzle to 'spray paint' designs.

St. Patrick's Day or Easter. Designs could be piped on with frosting, or a stencil created and used to spray on the motif, which would be much faster.

Next, I showed the white azalea, which I think could be created 3-dimensionally in icing, and could be used for a wedding, birthday, Easter, or shower.

The white still-life was done with bridal shower or tea party table settings in mind.  If you are a wedding planner or designer, the table settings and decorations are a key component for the event, and I had Shabby Chic in mind here.

A design for a tea party or bridal shower. Tea cup ornamentation could also be used on cakes.

I had in mind a girl's Sweet Sixteen Birthday party for this design, probably done with an edible transfer.  I know that some master bakers are able to create actual small sculptures from modeling chocolate or fondant, which would be perfect for the perfume, nail polish, jewelry and sunglasses.

Not a cake, but a wedding centerpiece idea. Some of you who have been following my blogs may have recognized the Shabby Chic style that my daughter used for her wedding.

This could be another edible transfer - especially the optional  wording - but I can envision an actual crown (plastic) with feathers and glittery curlicues stuck in it, along with a mask, sitting on top of a sheet cake.  Edible glitter or confetti on top of the cake could finish it off.  Fleur de lis designs are traditional for Mardi Gras, so those could be used around the sides of the cake, if desired.

Dia de los Muertos cake - there are actual cake pans that will bake up a skull-shaped cake!  So this could be piped on a flat sheet cake or as the colorful designs on a skull-shaped cake!  The borders are options that could be included on the sides of a sheet cake.

There are another 11 pages in my 2014 Fake Journal, so I will post a Part 2... check back!

Explanations provided!

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  1. I'm wishing this came with a taste of each. lol Nice sketches.

  2. I finally GET it. Boy, was I way off base. I didn't have a CLUE, not even a HINT of a CLUE. Very well played. I did realize the icons and strips you used around the edge of your designs were important, but I didn't realize they were rows of icing to decorate the sides of the cake.

    Color me completely fooled, just like the April jester. But I'm also completely impressed!!! Way to GO!

  3. Well, I admit I was really stumped! Every time I thought I had a clue, the next illustration didn't fit. You did a fantastic job, and I really enjoyed following along!

  4. I love your explanations and that you played with the idea to keep us thinking.

  5. Wow! I never guessed. Your sketches and designs went in so many directions that I was totally clueless about how they tied together - but now that I know, I love it!