An annual April experiment in creating a Fake Journal~ FAKE: pretend, simulate; counterfeit; to alter.manipulate.
or treat as to impart a false character or appearance.

A fun exercise in pretending to be someone else, maybe in an alternate universe!

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Eagle - Fake Journal 2014

The eye of a predator...
or a noble bird?


  1. Dianne, I just read your complete profile and discovered that you are a Weight Watcher leader. I'm currently a returning "relapsed lifetime member" with a 55 pound weight loss so far, and 9 pounds to goal. I love that you use your art to inspire your members. Your meetings must be fun!

  2. Michelle...good for you! Will be rooting for you, and hoping you reach goal weight soon-you are really close! I don't get to make posters for my meetings as often as I used to, as our franchise was purchased by WW North America and we now have pre-printed posters. (which the majority of leaders love!) but I still recycle some of the stuff I made in the past and use it as extra motivation. Thanksgiving foods with PPV! Halloween, etc...Enjoy the journey!

  3. Although I love the bird, it doesn't fit any of my theories of leaves, a design down the side of the page, or the color green. I am more stumped than ever.